Trump Ally Roger Stone Pays “Tribute” To Alex Jones For His “Important Role” Supporting Trump

Stone: Plans To Steal Nomination From Trump Have “Imploded” 

From the May 4 edition of Genesis Communications Network's The Alex Jones Show:

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ALEX JONES (HOST): Let’s talk about where you expect this to go. A) will they still try to steal it, or has that whole hoax of claiming there’s no popular vote, the party can do whatever it wants, has that now imploded?

ROGER STONE: I think it has imploded. With the folding of John Kasich today, on top of the fact that Ted Cruz threw in the towel last night, opposition now in the Republican Party I think evaporates. Alex, I have to pay some tribute to you, because I think you played an important role in informing liberty voters and those who are prepared to take on the World New Order that Ted Cruz was not the real deal, that he was a Bush family retainer posing as a constitutionalist. But that Donald Trump is the only candidate not beholden to the special interests.


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