Trump Ally Michael Savage: Obama Will Make Black Lives Matter Into His Own “Well-Funded, Private Army ... As He Did With ISIS”

Radio Host Savage: “Disenfrancised White Males” Support Trump Because They Have Been “Crapped Upon By These Vermin” On The Left

From the September 13 edition of Genesis Communications Network’s The Alex Jones Show:

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MICHAEL SAVAGE:  So yeah, you want to talk about jobs? Why do you think – now not you, I’m talking rhetorically –

ALEX JONES (HOST): The listeners. Sure.

SAVAGE: Why do you think Trump is surging amongst the blue-collar disenfranchised white male? Why? Because they’ve been dumped upon, they’ve been stepped upon, the Eddies, whose grandfathers defeated Hitler, the Eddies whose fathers died in the jungles of Vietnam, are being crapped upon by these vermin, these cowardly vermin. These sick, deviant perverts. I can’t stand it.


SAVAGE: When I say that Obama and the left are practicing a scorched earth policy, there’s a reason for it. When an army retreated in the past, they burnt everything to the ground. They burnt the crops, they killed the livestock, they burned the barns, they burned the houses.

JONES: Scorched earth.

SAVAGE: Is that not what’s going on here with this left when they see an ascendant right? An ascendant American patriot movement?

JONES: That’s right, they’re blowing it all up.

SAVAGE: They’re burning our pathways to survival. They’re burning our internet. They want to burn radio. They want to burn any access to the –

JONES: They’re trying to start race war. They’re saying  kill the cops, they’re getting away with everything.

SAVAGE: I keep saying, when Soros gave them $70 million dollars to those street thugs? All we need now is Obama to turn them into his well-funded, private army. He can deputize them and give them government arms as he did ISIS. And then you will have the Young Pioneers of the Soviet Union, you will have the Red Brigades, you will have the Red Brigades of Communist China frightening everybody in the society on a daily basis. Alex, we’re that close to it all coming to that. Obama is not finished yet. He has several months left yet to burn it all down, Alex.

JONES: I agree we’ve only got a minute left then. In your gut, you’re a smart cookie Dr. Savage, what do you expect them to pull?

SAVAGE: Remember what George Bush did in the last few months of his regime? I was screaming and warning George Bush is a fiscal socialist. He’s not through yet. Do you remember the housing crisis that followed?


SAVAGE: I expect, if it looks like Trump is going to win or Grandma falls off the stage again, for good and they replace her with Freddy from one of the Nightmare movies, Kaine who can’t win. I expect the worst. I expect them calling off the election, I expect martial law, I expect, if that is not possible, I expect a financial – complete financial breakdown to create even further chaos. That’s what I expect.  


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