Trump Ally Alex Jones Uses Trump’s 2001 Remarks To Further 9/11 Inside Job Conspiracy

9/11 Truth Leader Praises Trump For Not Going “Along With The Official Story” About The Attacks

Donald Trump ally Alex Jones is using old interview footage of the president-elect to help advance his conspiracy theory that the 9/11 terror attacks were an “inside job” by the U.S. government. Jones -- a prolific conspiracy theorist and self-described “founding father” of the “9/11 Truth Movement” -- and his audience were heavily courted by Trump during the campaign. The Republican went on Jones' show and praised his “amazing” reputation, repeatedly echoed Jones' conspiracies, and allegedly called Jones to thank his audience after winning the election.

In a November 25 video, Jones highlighted an interview Trump conducted with a New York TV station on September 11, 2001, in which the president-elect speculated that bombs may have been detonated in the World Trade Center. According to Jones, this proves Trump “was there day one saying what I was saying on the radio at the exact same time.”

ALEX JONES: If Donald Trump was an insider, he would have known there was a stand down that day and that Saudi Arabia was involved in 9/11 with criminal elements of our government. He would have gone along with the official story. But he didn’t. He was there day one saying what I was saying on the radio at the exact same time. And one great byproduct of people digging through Donald Trump’s past trying to find dirt is they’re pulling up all this incredible information that shows us how independent he is. Donald Trump saw what thousands of engineers years later talked about: the fact that the building clearly had bombs in it. Remember on the campaign trail he raised Jeb Bush and the Carlyle Group and Bush Sr. and George W. and the 9/11 stand down and the 28 pages. That’s why Donald Trump’s so real. That’s why Donald Trump is so amazing. I’ve been told by people that have known him for 40-plus years that Donald Trump is aware of the entire program and is basically just been waiting for the American people to wake up so the time was right to restore this republic.  


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