Trump Ally Alex Jones On “Rigged” Debates: Moderator Anderson Cooper Is With The CIA

From the October 1 edition of Genesis Communications Network’s Stone Cold Truth:

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ALEX JONES: Notice it just came out today, the debate commission said yes, his mic was cutting in and out. It was getting faded down. And it was not being broadcast to the audience so that they could cheer. Ladies and gentlemen, that was 100 percent setup. Just like Lester Holt and the hand signals and Lester Holt with the earpiece and Hillary and Lester Holt interrupting Trump 40-plus times, her only six. The fix is in at every level. It’s rigged. This is about the rigged system imploding. This is history happening and so I am desperate. I know Trump’s ahead, I know he’s winning, I know they’re going to pull out every stop. They’ve got CIA Anderson Cooper running the next debate. He’s admittedly CIA. And so we are storming the Bastille peacefully with 21st century warfare, which is information warfare.


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