Trump Ally Alex Jones On Obama's Climate Change Remarks In Africa: “He's The Devil With A Brown Face Sent To Screw You”

From the September 15 edition of Genesis Communications Network’s The Alex Jones Show:

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ALEX JONES (HOST): It isn’t lost on Obama, when he’s there with a red carpet and Air Force One, and 6 other airplanes behind him and hundreds of Secret Service, to tell African college students -- not you can innovate and have clean technology and blah blah blah no no -- “Listen you can’t have cars or air conditioning, alright, now I gotta get back on this jumbo jet, see you later. Because I’m Obama, I’m black, I’m liberal, you can’t have jack crap. But I have everything. Alright, see you later.”

Because the planet will boil over, was the full quote.

And you look at that and you go, man, the disconnect. Africa’s got some really cool, beautiful – country, great people on average, but just never got out of slavery, never got out of tyranny, never got out of colonialism, and you’ve got Obama perched on top of it, saying you can’t have industrialization. And it’s like, “Oh thank you black father.”

I mean he’s the devil with a brown face sent to screw you.


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