Trump Ally Alex Jones On Obama: “He Ain't Black, In My Opinion, He's Like This Globalist, CIA Baby”

From a January 3 posting on Alex Jones' YouTube channel:

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ALEX JONES: I’ve been going to some of these cafés since I was in junior high. I walk in these things now, man, and people walk up and they go “fuck you, Alex Jones, fuck you, you racist.” They’re like weird white old people usually and I’m like, “what did I do that was racist?” And they go, “you fucking asshole, you don’t like Hillary.” And then it’s just like they’re like cult members, man. They just – and I’m like, well what – one guy like pulled a gun out and showed me his gun and I went, “whatever, go ahead.” And he didn’t like that and he ran off, but they admit in the media the left is buying guns because they’re so afraid of the right.

The right? I don’t care what your sexual preference is, I’ve never said shit about that. I’ve never done anything to you. I’m a libertarian, you people are like – just your dumb – you’re white trash that couldn’t be KKK anymore. I figured this out. The Democrats were KKK until the early ‘60s, the Republicans who aren't perfect, but Eisenhower and my grandfather in Texas and all those other people, they said we fought World War II against this shit, we’re going to empower black people they passed the Civil Rights Act, they did all this stuff and you guys said oh my God we’re going to shift, you involve the minorities you took over and now you’re just old – I figured it out, I’ve been around it – you’re like old insiders. You’re all about you’re in the club, you’re in the gang, you’re beating us, you’re the Democrats and now you’re not beating us and you’re getting your ass kicked and you are freaked out.

Let me give you a news flash: A month ago when that guy pulled a gun on me and told me you better watch it, you better stop talking about the Democrats, I got so much more energy when that happened. Cause this isn’t about Democrats or Republicans, this is about bullies. And so just understand something: I’m not going to shut up, I’m not going to back down ever.

You know just today the Republicans with the Democrats tried to get rid of the ethics committee. Trump stopped them. Trump’s not perfect. But man, Trump wants to be the turnaround expert that saves America. And the fact that he’s his own man pisses these bureaucracies off.

So, it’s the last party. Imagine Obama, he’s elected on affirmative action, and I don’t care, weren’t a lot of great black folks when he got in, he ain’t black, in my opinion, he’s like this globalist, CIA baby. They thought they could get their whole imperial agenda through because they put a half-black guy in or whatever, give me a freaking break, I don’t care if the freaking president’s blue, green, purple, polka-dotted, just empower the people man. I’m not sitting there going, “Oh, we got a white guy with big orange hair, I’m feeling really good now, ‘cause I’m white and he’s white.” That is the most dumbass identity politic crap. I want you to identify with free market, and power of humanity, and innovation.

But the fact that Obama said in his speech that they caught on tape “I’m going to deal with these bitter clingers” they learned that he had some big hard-on, some big old donkey dick hard-on – controlled media right now, I’m daring them to pick this up, you’ll notice now there’s media silence on us because they realize we’re bullet-proof baby. I don’t say it with a power trip, it’s just you’re the opposite of bulletproof, everything we –- I could shoot a gun this way, politically, it goes over and gets your ass.


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