Trump Ally Alex Jones: Hillary Clinton Is A “Devil Worshiper” Who “Wants To Destroy The Planet”

From the November 4 edition of Genesis Communications Networks’ The Alex Jones Show:

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ALEX JONES (HOST): Hillary Clinton is a total and complete wanton power-tripping self-worshiping devil worshiper. Secret Service that work around her want away from her. They do not want to be near her. She acts like Linda Blair. She flops around on the ground. She spits at them. She hits them. She screams. She flips out. She trances out. She stinks. They start having nightmares. London Guardian, headline: “The FBI believes she is the Antichrist incarnate. They fear she wants to destroy the earth.”

The FBI doesn’t talk like that, they’ve been near the entity. She is an entity. Remember I told you this a month ago, I told you it was going to come out in the WikiLeaks. Not because I even know what’s in the WikiLeaks, I know what the government knows and what the FBI and the Secret Service knows, and they’re scared. They’re scared and they should be. Because she wants to destroy the planet. She is a Satanist, committed to evil. And the ultimate evil isn’t just pouring blood on yourself and having lesbian orgies and eating women’s milk and sperm and a bunch of filth at these blood sex rituals that Podesta reportedly goes to. It's war, it's death, its destruction, it’s all a big, stinking ritual.


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