Trump Ally Alex Jones: Clinton Looks Like She Has “Down Syndrome” And “A Lobotomy”

Roger Stone: Clinton “Had A Small Stroke Or She Has Had Some Other Disorder” 

From the August 7 edition of Genesis Communications Network’s The Alex Jones Show:  

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ALEX JONES: Hillary looks like a dying woman.


She looks like she’s in bad shape. She’s got holes in her tongue, she looks like she’s got, I’m sorry, Down syndrome whenever she’s out there with the balloons falling, like she’s a three-year old with a lobotomy. What’s going on with Hillary?


ROGER STONE: I think she’s either had a small stroke or she has had some other disorder. Those strange glasses she was wearing for a while, kind of a tip-off. She seems to have no stamina whatsoever. So I think it is probable that she’s got very serious health problems. 


Right-Wing Media's Never-Ending Freak Out Over Hillary Clinton's Health And Bodily Functions