Trump Allies Roger Stone And Alex Jones Talk About “Juicy” Alicia Machado: “Baby Got Back”

From the September 28 edition of Genesis Communications Network’s The Alex Jones Show:

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ROGER STONE: I think that there’s an orchestrated attack today by this Hispanic former Miss Universe that appears to me largely to be disinformation. Hillary put her thumbprints all over this in the debate. You could see that Trump was kind of taken by surprise. I think that’s because the entire thing is fictional. My major concern --

ALEX JONES: Well let me just say. I like her at 160 instead of a 110. I like her juicy.

STONE: Yeah, well I’m the same way. ‘Cause baby got back.


ALEX JONES: [The] current poster child is a porn star who admitted that she was the getaway driver for a bank robbery. So this lady is running around when she was Miss Universe. She gained a bunch of weight. Wasn’t doing her job. Trump wanted to renege on paying her because she wasn’t doing her job. He says she’s become a little piggy. She eats too much. Well, I mean, that’s the case. Big deal if you’ve got a model that’s supposed to be doing work for you and she gains a bunch of weight and then Trump gets out of the contract calling her Mrs. Piggy. I mean big deal. I mean Hillary has Muslims chopping women’s genitals off.


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