Trump Allies Roger Stone And Alex Jones Encourage Pressuring Anti-Trump Delegates At Their Hotels

Conspiracy Theorist Alex Jones: “If We're Staying In The Hotel, We Can Go Knock On Their Hotel Room Door Like You Said, Right?”

From the April 6 edition of Genesis Communications Network's The Alex Jones Show:

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ROGER STONE: We will have demonstrations at specific hotels where there are delegates so we can let them visually see the will of the people. We will have a daily protest. We will man the ramparts every day --

ALEX JONES: And hey, it's a free country. If we're staying in the hotel, we can go knock on their hotel room door like you said, right?

STONE: Well, and I have friends in every delegation. So I will be able to tell you which state delegations are involved in the big steal, which party leaders are ringleaders in the big steal. We do not advocate violence, we're not talking about roughing anybody up --

JONES: We're just talking to people.

STONE: What we are talking about is being a presence to let people feel the pressure of the American people and those who have bothered to vote in these primaries and caucuses.

JONES: Yeah, we're the victims that they're openly robbing as we speak. 


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