Trump Adviser Roger Stone Says He’s Been “Assured” Through An Assange Intermediary That “The Mother Lode Is Coming” 

Stone: “The Clintonites Are Trying To Figure Out How To Kill” Assange

From the October 2 edition of Genesis Communications Networks’ The Alex Jones Show:

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ROGER STONE: [WikiLeaks founder Julian] Assange is in my view a hero. He does not work for the Russians.


An intermediary met with him in London recently who is a friend of mine and a friend of his, a believer in freedom. And I am assured that the mother lode is coming Wednesday. It wouldn’t be an October surprise if I told you what it was but I have reason to believe that it is devastating because people with political judgment who are aware of the subject matter tell me this.


Now we’ve seen disinformation in the last 24 hours saying that Assange has postponed this, he’s moved. I do know this. He does fear for his life and he should. Right now the globalists and the Clintonites are trying to figure out how to kill him. 


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