Ted Cruz's Favorite Gun Lobbyist Warns U.S Government: “We'll Point Our Guns At You If You Try To Act Tyrannically”

Larry Pratt, the head of extremist gun group Gun Owners of America (GOA), warned the U.S. federal government that “we'll point our guns at you if you try to act tyrannically” during an appearance on conspiracy theorist Alex Jones' radio show.

GOA, which opposes any background checks on gun sales, recently endorsed Republican presidential candidate Sen. Ted Cruz (TX), who has called GOA's support “critical” to his 2012 election to the U.S. Senate and praised GOA's hardline stance on guns in remarks to the group's supporters.

Pratt was forced to leave the 1996 presidential campaign of Pat Buchanan after it was revealed he had spoken before high-profile white supremacists at militia gatherings. GOA donated money to a white supremacist group and Pratt previously served as a “contributing editor” for an anti-Semitic publication. Pratt has also suggested that mass shootings are staged by the government.

During a September 15 appearance on The Alex Jones Show, Pratt said, “Just like those Minutemen in Lexington, Massachusetts, we've got to be ready at a minute's notice to come to the defense of, as it was, Cliven Bundy or be [it] a milk producer in Elkhart County, Indiana -- could be anywhere where the government thinks they might have an advantage.”

He later added, “The Second Amendment requires an adversarial relationship with the federal government. The Second Amendment says, 'Federal government, you can go here and no farther and if you try then the Second Amendment comes into play. To put it a little bit more crudely, we'll point our guns at you if you try to act tyrannically.'”

From the September 15 edition of Genesis Communications Network's The Alex Jones Show:


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