Steve Bannon and Alex Jones heap praise on each other

Jones appeared on Bannon's War Room podcast the day after Bannon was convicted of two counts of contempt of Congress

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Citation From the July 23, 2022, edition of Real America's Voice's War Room: Pandemic

STEVE BANNON (HOST): Alex, thank you very much for joining us. Tell us about this movie. You're – A great filmmaker made this. You're interviewed for it. But other than that, it's their film, correct?

ALEX JONES (GUEST): It is. I mean, I've turned down a lot of other documentary offers because it's the establishment. They always lie. But I had seen some of her films and heard it was independent and it shows me in a bad light and a good lie, because, I mean, I'm a real person just like you.

But it's hard to come on here, Steve, because I have admired you and you were the brain behind a lot of what Trump was able to do. And you've had the most courage of anybody out there standing up to the January 6th fraud and really bringing America back.

So it's hard to come on your show and then talk about myself here. Yeah – it's surreal with what you did not backing down to the committee and them and their kangaroo court and how they wouldn't let you cross-examine people. I'm facing three rigged lawsuits run by Democrats, same ones in Travis County that indicted Rick Perry and Tom DeLay that I'm not allowed to say I'm innocent at my trial next week, that starts. They put an order out. You cannot say you're innocent. You cannot say it's rigged and you can't – I mean, it's insane, but I'm supposed to sit there and not talk and not say I'm innocent.

This is the end of America. So if they can destroy Steve Bannon and Alex Jones, they can destroy you. So I'm just honored and I'm not gushing here just to just. I mean, I don't gush. I'm gushing because literally we are in the arena and you and I – and you at a greater level. I got to say, they are so scared of you. And so I admire your work. And I have, you know, really, really pushed people that have, you know, attacked you and stuff to not because they're wrong. And when they do, they're buying into the globalist propaganda.

So I am really – this is a big bucket list being on your show. And I'm I'm so proud of the fact that it's exploded. Everybody talks about, I'm at the grocery store, I'm at church, everywhere, almost every day people go, man, I really love your show and I love Steve Bannon. Did you see this? You see that? And I don't get like envious. I feel good when I go to sleep at night, like if they put me in prison or kill me next week, at least Steve Bannon's out there and this team you put together.

BANNON: But the reason I want to have you on is the film. Look, the film's a powerhouse film, and I don't think – you're unique, but –

JONES: Let's talk about Steve Bannon, okay? Okay. We'll talk about me. I never got to talk to you.

BANNON: No, no, no, no, no, no. Yeah – but, listen, here's why I think so important, because your trial is coming up. And look, you're a fighter and they're obviously trying to take you down.

The point I don't think people get about you, we do at the War Room and I personally do because I followed you for years, is that you're not just a man of action. The guy that they see on that show every night, and the guy they see with the bullhorn, the guy that's taking leadership and saying, hey, you know, I'm like in the first tank and we'll drive this.

As much and as important as that leadership is, the true thing that you've done, which is stunning, if you look at the evidence of doubt of the facts, you are one of the great thinkers of this. That is very rare. You've got to go back almost to the revolutionary generation and see that.

In this new book. I got to tell you, when Tony Lyons first approached me, I read this thing and I go, this is it. This guy has summarized this, pulled together and this – the film is powerful, but the film is going to show Alex Jones in all his glory, the good and the bad. And you make your decision. But you see Alex Jones, the brawler. Alex Jones, the intellectual brawler.

But this book, The Great Reset and the War for the World, I'm telling you, everybody in America, the people that hate Alex Jones the most, have to read this book. This is no beach read. You're not going to be flipping pages here. You're going to be having a pen out and you're going to be underlining stuff. It's amazing.

So, look, I appreciate the kind words. And look, you know, we're both in this and there's no back down. You know, Tucker – I was on Tucker last night. Trump, you, me, others. We're not going to back down an inch. We can't. The republic, this is a fourth turning. The republic is in play right now. We're either going to win or we're going to lose. It's very simple. 

JONES: Because, Steve, let's explain this to viewers. If we back down, it's like dying. It's like committing suicide to back down. We're not looking for trouble, but we just can't back down. And we need America to understand that you be with us together – exactly. We just we're not backing down. We can't do it.

BANNON: No, absolutely. I tell you what, I'm going to take a short break here.