Sandy Hook parent explains that Alex Jones' lies are “a public threat” that put “families at risk"

Neil Heslin: “He's peddling these lies like a carnival barker. It puts people like myself, the Pozners, and other families at risk”

From the April 19 edition of NBC's Megyn Kelly Today:

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MEGYN KELLY (HOST): What has it done to your life? What happens when he goes on these tears?

NEIL HESLIN (FATHER OF SANDY HOOK SHOOTING VICTIM): Emotionally, it bothers you. It's hurtful. It continues to open the wound more and more. But, you know, to have somebody come up to me and say how sorry they are about my loss and then a second later, look me in the eye and say, do I think Sandy Hook really happened. I mean, this is -- it's something that shouldn't happen. But it becomes a public threat and -- the safety of society. He's out peddling these lies like a carnival barker. And it puts people like myself, the Pozners, and other families at risk. 

KELLY: In danger, in danger.

HESLIN: Lucy Richards, she acted out. 

KELLY: That's the woman who went to jail. 

HESLIN: Went to jail. 

KELLY: For threatening the Pozners. 

HESLIN: Yeah. And she threatened, you know, death. 


MARK BANKSTON (NEIL HESLIN'S ATTORNEY): When it comes to private individuals, you can't just lie about them. You cannot just spread lies that hurt their lives. And in this case, sure, defamation's sometimes hard to prove against media outlets because most media outlets have some semblance of journalistic integrity. Here, this is textbook defamation. He made unequivocal, false statements about both of our clients. And the consequences of that are so severe that I don't believe I've ever seen anything like this. And it's our opinion that this is the most vile act of defamation in the history of American media. 


HESLIN: I want to add to that, too, with the lies and the propaganda he peddled, he makes a lot of money off that and profits off of that, and he's profiting off of my loss in a tragedy that affected me. That's not right either. But I'm not backing out of this lawsuit. If it comes to a knockdown, dragout fight in the Travis County courthouse, that's what it'll be.


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