In a prerecorded rant, Alex Jones lashes out at the judge while his trial is going on

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Citation From the August 3, 2022, edition of Infowars' The Alex Jones Show

ALEX JONES (HOST): It's Wednesday, August 3rd, 2022. I'm recording this at about 7 a.m. in the morning. Robert Barnes is about to take over with Owen Shroyer and others, because I'm going to be in the so-called court of this judge here in Austin, Texas, who has fully weaponized the judiciary and is doing things that no legal scholars that I've talked to say they've ever seen before. So this is the murder of justice if they're able to complete this fraud. And it will affect everybody, not just in Texas, but across the United States as the left weaponizes the judiciary.

But I wanted before I hand the baton to Robert Barnes just break down some of the amazing things that happened yesterday, because this was like something out of a Perry Mason episode. As many of you know, when you tuned in yesterday, I said that I believe Scarlett Lewis is a real person and I believe that Neil Heslin is a real person. I'm 100% sure of it now, because I didn't have a lot of questions previously. After I spent a week with him in court and watched their mannerisms and heard them talk, and I said, I'm really sorry that I ever did question Sandy Hook because I can see that it really hurt their feelings.

I'm not the guy that first questioned it. I didn't send people to harass them. I never said their names until this trial started. Sure, the media has been lying. There's been a lot of disinformation, but it doesn't matter. I still hurt these people and I had no idea that they were wanting to reach out to me and wanting to have closure for a long time, until yesterday, for sure.

So let me tell you about the incredible thing that happened yesterday.

But first, we tell you about the horrible thing. So I just mentioned it. I'm on air yesterday for the first hour before I went down to court because I thought they were going to have a psychologist or psychiatrist on until lunch. so I could go hear Neil Heslin and Scarlett Lewis after lunch. But they finished early. Heslin went on. He was upset that I wasn't there, I'm told, because he wanted to, you know, address me directly. Meanwhile, I did the first hour of the show, as everybody knows. And on that hour, I said what I just said earlier, and the video is there for all to see that I believe they're real people, that I believe she's real. Someone edited that 10 minutes down to about a minute and a half and made it look like I would say she wasn't real. They cut off when I say I think she's totally real. And when I apologized and then edited it to where it sounded like I was saying that Heslin was stupid, which is not what I said. I think he's very nice and very friendly and very old-fashioned. The guy's a bull rider. I mean, the guy is really just, you know, country boy. And so I said, I believe they're being manipulated by these lawyers and by these big Democrat think tanks and gun control groups. And then, ladies and gentlemen, it all happened. So I said that on air. These different organizations edit the tape, bring it to her during a break, and say Alex Jones was attacking you the whole show saying your deep state, not real. But here's just a clip of it. So they lied to her, told her I said all this, then showed her an edited two-minute tape. Then the judge let that be brought in. And the judge is now saying she's probably not going to let us bring the full clip in. What under the law, folks? You've got to play the full clip of someone who plays a small clip, especially if the small clip is not complete and it's designed to confuse somebody. This is the very definition of why this should air. I was saying I think they've been manipulated. I think they've been given edited tapes. I think they have been conditioned that I'm the devil in attacking them.

And then they did the very thing that I was starting to figure out they've done. And then it got worse. She gets on the stand. And says, you've been attacking me for weeks. You would say, I'm not real for the last few weeks. You said I'm not real today. She starts basically getting tears in her eyes. She believes it. But then I got on the stand and I said, Ma'am, they edited the front of the tape. On the back of the tape. I said, I think you're completely genuine, and I'm sorry for your son's death, and I apologize. They edited that and I said, you need to find out who gave you that clip. And I have a strong suspicion who it is. And I pointed it at her, you know, entourage, and understand that I've never said your name until now, and I never said your son's name. And I'm sorry if my questioning things hurt you. But you need to get to the bottom of what's really happening.

Then at the end of the day – after the judge chewed me out and called me a liar and did all this other crazy stuff, that is a whole other subject – Scarlett Lewis, we're waiting for them to leave because we don't want to, you know, get in their way of – and they come over to our table and she has a bottle of water and a cough drop for me because I've got some laryngitis, as everybody's noticed on air, and a torn larynx, I've got to get it worked on soon – and I shook her hand. I said, I'm sorry. She said, I understand. She had tears in her eyes. Neil Heslin came over. I shook his hand and I said, please find out who edited the tape. Please see the real tape. I said, you know, see the fourth segment of my show yesterday, please. And they were nodding and Heslin had tears in his eyes.

And all of a sudden, the lawyers jumped in between us. And they go, they go, this isn't going to happen, this isn't going on, no way. And everybody can see the tapes, see the video. And even national media is now saying that I yelled at Heslin that he was autistic again. Which I didn't do. One of the lawyers said, I got an autistic son, just injecting that. And I said, well, maybe I'm autistic, too. But the whole point was they're being manipulated. And we caught this all happening. Red-handed.

Then it got even worse. Anybody who was watching saw it on TV. The judge stops the last 30 minutes of my testimony, pushes the jury out, and looks at me and says, You lied on the stand. You said you're bankrupt. And she said, and you lied and said you complied with discovery. And I said, Well, in my view, I did. And in my view, I am bankrupt. I'm out of money. And we have filed for it. And she said, I'm going to instruct the jury that you're a liar tomorrow. I mean, it's unprecedented. Then she ordered my lawyer to violate attorney-client privilege and tell her about our private conversations, which is just unprecedented. I mean, this is like a tour de force of how to violate people's rights. It's unbelievable. And I just feel sorry for everybody, including these whacked-out leftists and lawyers and the judge. I mean, they are all just over the deep end and have no idea what they've done.

She also made this really weird statement where she said, you believe everything you say is the truth, but it's not the truth. I decide what the truth is. Wow. But that's my defense right there. I do believe that I'm trying to tell the truth. I don't believe everything I say is the truth. We're all infallible. We're all human. We're all sinners.

But they all know I meant this. They all know that most of the time, these big things happen, there's some kind of weird stuff going on. They all know Jussie Smollett didn't happen. They all know WMD in Iraq didn't happen. They all know that Gulf of Tonkin didn't happen. I mean, they all knew Operation Northwoods was a plan to stage the deaths of kids and bombings and shooting people and blowing up airplanes. I mean, they all know that most Americans questioned JFK, 90% national polls.

So Robert Barr is going to take over. He's going to get the trial is so historic, the first of a whole bunch of show trials, and then to cover world news, what's happening in Ukraine, what's happening with Hunter Biden, what's happening with Pelosi and just what's happening with the borders. Got a big show lined up for you, today. Please pray for us and please just pray that the truth, you know, gets to the American people so that this type of deception can stop because they're accusing me of being a mastermind and being all deceptive and things. This is deception.

And they've literally got these parents. In a bubble, feeding them disinformation and manipulating them. And it felt so good to shake Heslin's hand and shake Scarlett Lewis's hand and to see how scared and panicked the lawyers that have been controlling them were inside the court and outside the court because they were waiting like hyenas when it came out. And they all were trying to smile and act powerful and act like they were, you know, cool guys in junior high or something. But their eyes all looked extremely fearful because they know their house of cards is imploding.