In pre-recorded segment, Alex Jones calls judge in his trial a “Democratic Party George Soros-funded judge” who “works for George Soros”

Jones' remarks were pre-taped Monday night intended to air during his trial

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Citation From the July 26, 2022 edition of Infowars' The Alex Jones Show

ALEX JONES (INFOWARS HOST): The fact that I'm even here is gonna send shockwaves to the establishment media because I'm supposed to be in court today with the rigged trial where I've already been found guilty by a Democratic Party George Soros-funded judge where I can't even tell the jury she works for George Soros or that we were defaulted or hey, didn't you know there's a Seventh Amendment trial by jury to decide if I'm guilty?

Oh, they know what bases to cover, and they're gonna be freaking out. The corporate media's so dumb, there's gonna be headlines today, "Alex Jones on air when he's supposed to be in court" and they're gonna be fools because I'm gonna be in court!

We're taping it Monday night, dumbasses! Ha ha ha! I just – they're so dumb, they're gonna watch the start of the show where I'm in studio, they'll already have articles everywhere before they figure out I taped this because they're the kings of fake news. They just take whatever's going on and comport it to whatever false reality they want. That's not us! They to to project on us that we're trying to lie when they wouldn't know the truth if it ran over them.

Sorry, I'm pontificating.