NRA spokesperson Dana Loesch: “Nothing [Alex] Jones has said is violent or threatening”

Loesch: “Getting somebody kicked off Twitter, what does that achieve for you?”

From the September 7 edition of NRATV’s Relentless:

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DANA LOESCH (HOST): I’m not a fan of Alex Jones, and his obsession with [CNN reporter] Oliver Darcy's eyes is weird. But he’s not wrong that Darcy appears to be on a bit of a crusade. And he also seems to be a lot more lefty since he left The Blaze and is now at CNN, which seems to happen to a lot of people when they end up going to a legacy media outlet. But this crusade that he's on ultimately paid off, since Jones and Infowars, they’ve now been banned from Twitter as well. And by the way, what does that achieve? Getting somebody kicked off Twitter, what does that achieve for you, other than bragging points? You're going to put it in your bio, “Got somebody kicked off Twitter”? I mean, what purpose does that achieve?     

LOESCH: Suppression is still suppression, and nothing Jones has said is violent or threatening. It’s kooky. And when people start getting banned from platforms, platforms that essentially control the online public square, because CNN commentators or contributors or whatever they are don’t like them, that seems kind of douchey, let’s be real, and kind of a dangerous precedent to set where it concerns corporate censorship.

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