Matt Drudge Promises “Year Of Alex Jones”

On April 23 Matt Drudge, owner and operator of the right-wing content aggregator The Drudge Report, tweeted that he “privately told friends” that 2013 would be the “year of Alex Jones.” Drudge has linked to the radio host and conspiracy-monger several times following the Boston Marathon bombings.

On his personal twitter feed, Drudge predicted that 2013 would be the “year of Alex Jones,” praising his show as “one hell of a broadcast in such homogenized media!” In the wake of the Boston Marathon bombings, Drudge linked to articles on Jones' website Infowars, including stories that called Boston a “police state” during the manhunt for the alleged perpetrators, and a post accusing the Obama administration of covering up the involvement of a Saudi student who was later declared a victim of the attack:

Jones made news following the April 15 bombings at the Boston Marathon after he suggested that the blasts were staged by the U.S. government, calling the event a "false flag":

Jones elaborated on his initial comment during his show later that night, saying: “You saw them stage Fast and Furious. Folks, they staged Aurora, they staged Sandy Hook. The evidence is just overwhelming. And that's why I'm so desperate and freaked out. This is not fun, you know, getting up here telling you this. Somebody's got to tell you the truth.”

Jones has pushed conspiracy theories about the Space Shuttle Columbia disastermass sterilization, as well as outragous claims about a host of other issues and events:

  • President Obama is “now the global head of Al-Qaeda” while “simultaneously invoking the threat of terrorists domestically to destroy the bill of rights.”

  • The Oklahoma City Bombing was “carried out by intelligence agencies” with “Bill Clinton's involvement.”

  • The government is using products like juice boxes to “encourage homosexuality with chemicals so that people don't have children.”

  • The U.S. government was behind the 9/11 attacks. Jones describes himself as being on “the front lines of the growing global information war from ground zero to the occult playgrounds of the power-mad elite. Jones predicted the attacks on September 11th, 2001 and is considered one of the very first founding fathers of the 9-11 Truth Movement.”

  • The government has set up FEMA concentration camps in America, and “the military-industrial complex is transforming our once free nation into a giant prison camp.”

  • President Obama is transforming the United States into “something that resembles Nazi Germany, with forced National Service, domestic civilian spies, warrantless wiretaps, the destruction of the Second Amendment, FEMA camps and Martial Law.”

  • The BP oil spill “could have been manufactured.”