Update: Arizona Republicans’ “expert” panelist is a 9/11 conspiracy theorist who said she is on “TeamYe”

Kristen Meghan and Alex Jones

Update (5/26/23): Kristen Meghan wrote on Twitter that she withdrew from the event after the panel was criticized for nodding to QAnon with its acronym NCSWIC

Arizona Republican lawmakers at the state and federal level have created a committee that will bring in alleged experts to talk about COVID-19. One of their scheduled panelists is an Alex Jones follower who has said that “9/11 was an inside job” and wrote that she’s on “#TeamYe” after the rapper’s notorious appearance on Jones’ program. 

Arizona Republicans set up the Novel Coronavirus Southwestern Intergovernmental Committee, which they claim will “examine federal, state and local efforts to mitigate the COVID-19 pandemic.” The committee features Arizona state legislators and U.S. members of Congress. 

One of the committee's “expert panelistsnext week is Kristen Meghan, who is described as an industrial hygienist. Meghan is also a podcast host and guest on various streaming programs. 

She has also described herself as “a former contributor” to Alex Jones’ show. She has appeared on the show to criticize vaccine mandates -- alongside scheduled committee panelist Tammy Clark -- and talk about chemtrails, the conspiracy theory “that governments or shadowy forces are routinely spraying the planet with chemicals.” (Meghan has written that “chemtrails is a term used to disparage the truth about it.”) She told Jones during one appearance that his film Terrorstorm -- which purports to document how 9/11 was an inside job -- “woke me up.” 

Meghan has frequently promoted 9/11 conspiracy theories. She has tweeted: 

  • “9/11 was an inside job for sure!” [link
  • “Does anyone even believe it wasn't an inside job? Hell, most of my fellow veterans definitely don't believe the official story.” [link]
  • “Brace yourself for the amount of 9/11 truth tweets I will be posting all day.” [link]
  • “tower 7 pancaked into itself, which was demo.” [link]
  • “#afterseptember11 I joined the military, only to later learn it was a false flag sold to us with lies and flawed logic.” [link

She has also tweeted that the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing “was an inside job.” 

On December 1, Ye (the rapper formerly known as Kanye West) appeared on Alex Jones’ show and “repeatedly referred to antisemitic stereotypes, made antisemitic jokes and praised Hitler.” Following his appearance, Meghan wrote “#TeamYe” and “I don't agree with everything Ye or Alex does, but I agree with a lot and support free speech that is suppressed.” She then added in response to a Twitter user: “I said this because the video of Ye talking about Hitler and Nazis is the only thing some may stick to when they see my tweet and I don't need the ‘oh you live Nazis’ replies. And, Ron Paul is pretty close to my mental twin.”

The Arizona committee will also feature COVID-19 conspiracy theorists Peter McCullough and Pierre Kory, among others.