Infowars reacts to DOJ indictments on DNC hacking: “Thank you, Russia”

From the July 13 edition of Genesis Communications Network's The Alex Jones Show:

OWEN SHROYER (GUEST HOST): Now, again, I inaccurately reported in the last segment that it was the same 12 Russians in the new indictments, that is not true, I now have the indictment in front of me and it is 12 totally different Russians. Now, briefing through this in the break, it's pretty much exactly what you would expect. They're claiming that the Russian military, with these 12 people engaged in hacking U.S. elections, hacking the Democrats -- so, they don't mention anything to my knowledge, in going through this briefly, about any hacking of Republicans or attempted hacking of Republicans, so I'm not sure if that's because none of that happened or if they were unable to do so. But they're saying they hacked the [Democratic National Committee, the [Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee], the Hillary [Clinton] campaign, and working with Wikileaks, DC Leaks and Guccifer 2.0, they staged the release of said documents to the public to, quote, interfere in the United States elections. Now let's say, let's say that that is accurate information. Let's take this report for what it is and say that's accurate information. Well, I would say, thank you, Russia. How about you? Why would the documents have affected the election so much unless it exposed corruption from inside the Democrat Party and the Hillary Clinton campaign? Which it did. Now, whether you believe these indictments are real or not and these people were behind the hacking, it doesn't matter because the documents got out. We read them. We saw the emails. We know who Hillary is. We know who the Democrats are. That doesn't change. But they think they can divert the attention off of all of their corruption by crying, “Russian collusion, [President Donald] Trump's Russian, Trump never won the presidency.” Even though they're the ones that tried to rig the election. They are the ones that did rig the primary. It's a joke.