Infowars guest claims to have put Infowars on all the screens at the Apple store because of Apple's “racism against whites”

From the August 20 edition of Genesis Communications Network’s The Alex Jones Show:

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KAITLIN BENNETT (LIBERTY HANGOUT): So I was just at the mall in Ohio and I saw the Apple store and I was with my boyfriend, which is the founder of Liberty Hangout, and he was like, “Let’s go in there and change all the computers to Infowars.” And I was like, “Should we?” And he’s like, “Yeah, let’s go do that.” We kind of looked at each other like, “Let’s go do it.” So we walked in there and because Apple has terrible customer service anyway, all of their hipster-looking employees were all talking to each other and they weren't paying attention to me. So I just started changing all the computers and decided -- he started filming a video -- and I was like, “Let me say something first.” So I said that because -- it’s peaceful, it’s kind of just a funny way to get back at them for being so hypocritical on speech and allowing just racism against whites and just disgusting speech as long as it’s the liberal agenda but they won’t allow you to speak your mind. So I stand with Infowars. I always have and it was just my little way of saying, “In your face.”


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