On Infowars, Arlington County Republican Committee Chairman discusses election fraud with 9/11 conspiracy theorist Alex Jones

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Citation From the November 8, 2023, edition of Infowars' The Alex Jones Show 

ALEX JONES (HOST): Well by their yardstick, that is clear voter suppression, though, what he did to you. And of course, we see for any instance, a Republican election fraud, it will catch the Democrats a hundred times doing it to get swept under the rug. Look what just happened in Connecticut, where a convicted member of the city council got caught on all the footage stuffing the ballot box again. So it's Democrats robbing Democrats. The judge shut it down. There's a new election. And there are a bunch of other examples that are broken around the country as well, and they're now catching them. And I think that's the good news is – this process, people say, well, there's so much election fraud, just don't vote. No, keep voting. Vote in higher numbers, have landslides, and then investigate it and then force it out. And that's why they're panicking, trying to outlaw the idea of questioning elections, something Democrats always do, even when they, you know, fair and square lose. They still have a right to investigate and a right to, you know, have hearings about it or whatever. But now there's this schizophrenic view where they can challenge elections, but we can't. Even though historically the Democrats from LBJ to John F. Kennedy, I mean, they're really the thoroughbreds of election fraud.

MATTHEW HURTT (ARLINGTON COUNTY REPUBLICAN COMMITTEE CHAIRMAN): Alex, this is such an important point that you've made, is that, you know, voting only takes a few moments of your time. And if you're skeptical about outcomes at the local level or at the state level, I think we still have to do our due diligence. And that's why – is the chairman of the committee here in Arlington, it was so important for me to get as many voters out to see what the benchmark was for Republican votes in Arlington. Again, we don't perform that well here in Arlington on Election Day. But I tell people, there's nowhere to go but up.

JONES: But I mean but I mean, that's the thing. They don't have to cheat. They don't have to cheat when we don't show up. And it's every time that we're winning, they do come cheat and it's destroying them. They're losing in all the real poll numbers. Of course, they're going to steal everywhere they can again. But again, we're catching them. Just as folks rob banks, you don't go, well, we're not going to prosecute bank robbers because we don't catch them all. No, we've got to continue to engage to smokes them out.

HURTT: You're absolutely right. And that's why I've told everyone who has come to this video or discovered it. We have to get out and vote. We have to get out and organize. And even if you're not involved in a political committee, I guarantee your viewers and listeners care about something, be at their Second Amendment rights, be at their free speech rights, be at their education rights of where to send their children. Organizing around those principles and creating a community allows you to make a tremendous impact. You know, just since 1980, the homeschool community has grown exponentially in this country from illegal to now pervasive, I think in a good way, and especially after they shut down the schools for two-plus years. Our gun rights are, you know, people who support the Second Amendment are expanding – the number of people who want to exercise that. The number of people who want to express themselves in the First Amendment is expanding. And when we organize around these policies, around these principles, around these constitutional, the foundation of our American experiment, then we can win. And when we win or when we start winning, they do get really nervous because then they can't centrally plan, then they can't control our lives. And it makes it very uncomfortable for the authoritarians who want to run the show.