“Glenn Beck now sounds almost identical to” fringe conspiracist Alex Jones, writes Jones' website

Glenn Beck “now sounds almost identical to” leading fringe conspiracy theorist Alex Jones, according to Jones' website.

In a December 10 article, PrisonPlanet.com's Paul Joseph Watson wrote, “Is imitation the sincerest form of flattery? Should we be elated or alarmed that Fox News host Glenn Beck now sounds almost identical to Alex Jones? Earlier this week on his television program, Beck talked about Pentagon war games which featured National Guard soldiers training to take on protesters holding signs with the words 'FOOD NOW' scrawled on them.” PrisonPlanet.com added that “Beck is on the verge of going head to head with the same military-industrial complex that will enforce any martial law scenario, the same entity that funds and controls the corporate media which provides Beck with his platform.”

Jones has been criticized by groups such as the Southern Poverty Law Center and Anti-Defamation League, which wrote that he “may currently well be the most prominent conspiracy theorist in the United States.” The ADL added:

Jones's own favorite conspiracies tend to converge on the following points:

*There is a conspiracy by malevolent globalists to take over the world and institute a “New World Order” with high-tech slavery;

*In the United States, conspiratorial figures such as “international bankers” and entities ranging from the Federal Reserve to the Council on Foreign Relations to the Bilderberg Group are engaged in a variety of strategies to take over (or extend their hold over) the government and to strip Americans of their rights, especially their rights to free speech and to own firearms;

*Some sort of final conspiratorial takeover of America is imminent, including a declaration of martial law and the incarceration of American citizens in FEMA-run concentration camps.

As Media Matters has documented, Beck has increasingly echoed Jones when it comes to the imposition of a global government and “New World Order,” opposition to the Federal Reserve, and attacks on Cass Sunstein, John Holdren, and the Council on Foreign Relations.

Jones, for his part, has said that “my research, my ideas, are having such an effect through” Beck. Jones has also said that Beck is talking “about things that 15 years ago I was called a lunatic for.”

Beck's go-to guest host, by the way, is Andrew Napolitano, who recently revealed his belief in 9-11 conspiracy theories -- a pet cause for Jones, who describes himself as “one of the very first founding fathers of the 9-11 Truth Movement.” Napolitano has repeatedly praised Jones and said he's “trying to keep up with you to educate the public in the dangers of too much government. And guess what? The message is getting through, Alex.”