Gavin McInnes And Alex Jones Discuss Whether Women “Deserve” To Be Attacked When They Stay Out Late

From the May 9 edition of Genesis Communications Network’s The Alex Jones Show:

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GAVIN MCINNES: Here in New York, speaking of Manhattan, we just had this woman who was pushed in front of a train and you're reading the article and you go, ‘Wait a minute, it says 4:20 am. Why was a woman on a subway in New York at 4:20 am?’ And then two days later we have this German woman who’s up in Harlem at two in the morning also taking the subway, she gets mugged, and assaulted and raped, and molested --

ALEX JONES: And by the way, I'm a pretty tough guy, New York subways -- I’ve been on them at 3 a.m. They’re scary. I've had guys try to rob me. 


MCINNES: Feminism is making women -- it's endangering them. It's making them vulnerable. 


MCINNES: If you got mugged in a subway at 4 a.m., I'd go, “Well that sucks, Alex, but --

JONES: But you deserve it.

MCINNES: What were you doing? Were you drunk? Are you familiar with New York City? What were you thinking? And now it's spread out to the world. We've told women they're men. And you know why we did this by the way, I think a lot of this is just so you can bang chicks until they're 40 and then dump them because they're too old. So the men benefit from this lie. But we've told women --     

JONES: Oh they go along with it. “I don't have any responsibility, baby, but you're so cool, yeah, you're a feminist.” And then the men get to be lazy.

MCINNES: It's like bra burning. They go “we're going to let our tits flop around” and you go “oh no. Please don't do that I hate seeing breasts everywhere.”


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