Fox Nation Turns To 9-11 Truther And Conspiracy Theorist Alex Jones For Content

Fox Nation today posted an article from Alex Jones' website, entitled “Obama's Blocking of New Power Plants Triggers Nationwide Blackouts?”

As Kate Galbraith reported yesterday in the Texas Tribune, the rolling blackouts throughout Texas earlier this week were primarily caused by problems with the power plants from the extremely cold weather -- not a government conspiracy:

Initially, it appears, some coal plants went offline due to cold-weather problems, taking a large chunk of electricity out of the grid. Luminant, a major power-generation company, confirmed that its two coal units at the Oak Grove plant in Robertson County failed, as did two units at a coal plant in Milam County. “We are in various stages of start-up and operation for that group,” Allan Koenig, a Luminant spokesman, said via e-mail. Three of these four units only began operating in the last few years; Fraser, who chairs the Senate Committee on Natural Resources, noted that they had new emissions-control technologies, and said one question was how those technologies had handled the cold.

Dave Knox, a spokesman for NRG, another power company, said that a cold-weather problem also caused a shut-down of its Limestone coal plant near Jewitt, Texas. The problem occurred yesterday, albeit after the early-morning crisis, and the plant returned to operating early this morning.

Natural gas plants were hastily turned on to make up for the coal-plant failures. But, Fraser said, some power cuts affected some stations for compressing natural gas -- so without power they couldn't pump gas, causing some gas power plants to go offline. In addition, rules regarding “curtailment” of natural gas -- who gets first dibs on gas when gas supplies are tight -- were last revised in 1972, Fraser said, leaving some power plants at risk of losing out on supplies.

Fox Nation is just the latest Fox entity to mainstream Jones. Fox Business host Andrew Napolitano previously revealed himself as a 9-11 Truther on Alex Jones' radio show in November 2010. Napolitano has long been friendly with Alex Jones during his employment with Fox. Alex Jones himself is best known for his wild conspiracy theories, and was cited as an inspiration by alleged would-be assassin Byron Williams last year.