Defending Steven Crowder, Alex Jones calls Ben Shapiro “Judas Iscariot,” and claims the Daily Wire is “controlled opposition” and “worse than the Democrats”

Jones: “We should support Steven Crowder all the way and anybody that doesn't is a complete idiot.”

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Citation From the January 22, 2023, edition of Infowars' The Alex Jones Show. 

ALEX JONES (HOST): Let's get into – the media calls it a circular firing squad between Steven Crowder and Ben Shapiro, but that's not. He said I don't want the $50 million which was over five years with bandwidth and crew – that's not that much money folks, that aint worth that much, I can tell you what it takes to run this. He's running a similar operation.


JONES: Then they spun it that he was mad and wanted more money so he releases the recordings showing that wasn't it, he had to. People said oh he's a bitch releasing that. He's only recorded people three times. I don't record people very often but I did with Megyn Kelly because when it's that evil you should record it. Give us your take on it.

ROBERT BARNES (GUEST): Absolutely. The contract wasn't a $50 million contract, the contract was an indentured servitude contract to be loyal to big tech or you lose your money for the next six years.


BARNES: The Daily Wire was founded by a billionaire family out of Texas, connected to natural gas and fracking, that's involved in a real weird religious movement that backed Ted Cruz, that founded the Daily Wire to take out Breitbart and Bannon, to try to take out the populist wing of the Republican party. Jeremy Boreing has admitted that, that being an anti-Trump platform was their foundation. They were backed by spook-related money and spook-related sources. Their goal, it's not a coincidence they were big backers of Ted Cruz. Not a coincidence they were big Trump haters.


JONES: There's no doubt that if you're gonna control the opposition you should lead it. It's 100% that Ben Shapiro is a figurehead. There's some good people at the Daily Wire, I don't wanna attack them all, but I'm just telling you folks they are worse than the Democrats. They are the Judas goats, they are Judas Iscariot. Ben Shapiro is Judas Iscariot.


BARNES: Crowder didn't realize he was stumbling into an Operation Mockingbird operation. But I mean, to give people an idea, the Daily Wire is backed by billionaires, probably a billion-dollar company, makes hundreds of millions of dollars per year. This deal was done in order to lock up and co-op and control and cabin and contain conservative voices.

JONES: Which was what Fox News has been doing forever. Which is what Fox News did forever.

BARNES: Absolutely. Exactly right. 


JONES: They're pro-shot, they're pro-new world order, absolutely. They're anti-gun. 

BARNES: Absolutely. That's who they are and that's the definition of controlled opposition. 


JONES: We should support Steven Crowder all the way and anybody that doesn't is a complete idiot.