A Day After Hosting Trump, Alex Jones Calls San Bernardino Shooting A “False Flag”

Jones: “Notice It's A Democrat-Controlled State And They Want To Demonize The Second Amendment”

From the December 3 edition of Genesis Communication Network's The Alex Jones Show:

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JOE BIGGS, Infowars Reporter: There's something fishy going on. This is one of those that has false flag written all over it without a doubt.

ALEX JONES:  Yeah, I'm here to tell you -- and by false flag, that means they could have known he was going to do it and let him do it and then they cover up --


JONES: -- that it's Islamic, turn it around and blame the Second Amendment and George Washington, instead of the very people that are doing this, mentally ill crossdresser liberals and crazy Jihadis, I mean these are the constituents --

BIGGS: The SWAT team was already geared up. The SWAT team was already geared up and there within seconds. They were geared up and ready within seconds. They knew that this was going to happen.

JONES: Well notice it's a Democrat-controlled state and they want to demonize the Second Amendment.


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