Chis Hayes Calls Out Congressman For Repeating A Conspiracy Theory Promoted By Alex Jones' Infowars

MSNBC host Chris Hayes called out Rep. Steve King (R-IA) for repeating a conspiracy theory that originated from an outrageous article out of Alex Jones' far right Infowars site. The article claimed that an imam in Jerusalem encouraged followers to breed with Europeans in order to “conquer their countries.”

On the December 9 edition of MSNBC's All In with Chris Hayes, Hayes interviewed Rep. King who stoked fears about Muslim immigrants coming to the U.S. King argued Muslim immigrants are unwilling to assimilate and referenced a story about an imam in Jerusalem who encouraged Muslim migrants to “go into Western Europe, build your enclaves there, breed their women, and do not associate or assimilate into the boarder society.”

Later in the show, Hayes pointed out that King's anecdote about the imam who encouraged refugees to “breed” with European women in order to “infiltrate” European society originated from conservative conspiracy website Infowars. Hayes stated Infowars is headed by Alex Jones “who claims the U.S. government carried 9/11 and the Boston marathon bombing.”

CHRIS HAYES (HOST): We should note in my interview with Congressman Steve King, he referenced an Imam who allegedly encouraged migrants to quote “breed with Europeans” as some kind of infiltration invasion tactic. That report originated from InfoWars, a website run by Alex Jones, who Southern Poverty Law Center dubs the most prolific conspiracy theorist in America and who claims the U.S. government carried out 9/11 and the Boston Marathon Bombing. 

Alex Jones' Infowars has a history of pushing baseless conspiracy theories. Recently the site claimed the San Bernardino shooting was a government conspiracy “geared to elicit widespread public outrage.” The site has also posted articles claiming 9/11 was perpetrated by government officials in the U.S.  And Jones himself has published articles arguing the “Pope is a part of the globalist plan to destroy the world and usher in a one-world government.”