Armed March Organizer Adam Kokesh Seeks “Critical Mass” To End The Federal Government In 2014

Internet radio host Adam Kokesh, who obtained notoriety this year for organizing armed marches with the goal of overthrowing the federal government, appeared on conspiracy theorist Alex Jones' radio show to revive his call for protestors who wish to “end the federal government” to march on Washington, D.C., on Independence Day 2014.

From the July 8 edition of The Alex Jones Show:

In May, Kokesh cancelled plans for a similar July 4 armed march on Washington, and instead called on his supporters to organize marches at state capitols nationwide in order to effectuate an “orderly dissolution of the federal government.”

Kokesh has since reinstated his original plans, hoping that a “critical mass” of protesters will allow him to organize a march from nearby Northern Virginia into Washington, D.C., on July 4, 2014.

Kokesh laid out plans for the 2014 march, stating, “It's time to plant the flag for next year and Alex, I know a lot of people in your audience will join us in this, and I hope you will endorse it too, because it's going to happen with or without me now. We invite anybody to join us who for whatever reason wants to end the fed entirely, to join us on Independence Day of next year.” According to Kokesh, the route would be the same as the tabled 2013 march, with plans to pass by the United States Capitol, the Supreme Court and the White House.

Kokesh said that he cancelled the 2013 Washington march because, “this year we simply didn't have the numbers for the march to get a critical mass in D.C.,” and later added, “Now it's time to build this critical mass and I appreciate the opportunity to make this pitch and appeal to you and your audience. Because I know a lot in your audience are with me on this point philosophically and tactically that it's time to say, let's end the federal government, let's call for nothing less.”

In a press release announcing the cancellation of the 2013 march on Washington, Kokesh hinted at 2014 plans, writing, “Should one whole year from this July 4th pass while the crimes of this government are allowed to continue, we may have passed the point at which non-violent revolution becomes impossible.”

During his appearance on Alex Jones' radio show, Kokesh also confirmed the authenticity of a video released on July 4 that appeared to depict Kokesh calling for a “final American revolution” while loading a shotgun in Washington D.C.'s Freedom Plaza. According to Kokesh, his appearance on Jones' show was the first time he had discussed the Freedom Plaza video with media.

Local laws in Washington, D.C., require firearms to be registered and it is typically unlawful to display a firearm in public. Authorities are reportedly investigating Kokesh' stunt.

While Jones suggested that Kokesh may not wish to confirm the authenticity of the video for legal reasons, Kokesh responded that, “It was a real shotgun, it was loaded, and it was racked and had a round in the chamber in Freedom Plaza, in Washington D.C.,” and added, “I did it at this point simply for follow through, for the sake of my own credibility to show that I was willing to follow through with committing that particular act of civil disobedience on Independence Day.”