Appearing on Steve Bannon's podcast, Alex Jones rants about the judge in his Sandy Hook trial

Jones also likens his own trial to that of Bannon's

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Citation From the July 23, 2022, edition of Real America's Voice's War Room: Pandemic

STEVE BANNON (HOST): What are they trying to do right now? They've done everything possible in the technocratic way to shut you down, eliminate your voice. You powered through that. What is the latest they're trying to do to destroy you?

ALEX JONES (GUEST): Well, if you try to describe them down to you, just what I know will take hours. If I try to describe it, it would even take hours.

But here's the bottom line. I have the motions in limine at of the judge's order of the first of three rigged Sandy Hook trials where I've already been found guilty, I've been defaulted, when I gave them everything and more which they use in – as a blueprint to further de-bank us and deplatform us and the judge put in the order for the trial where I'm guilty, but I cannot say I'm innocent.

She says, word for word, may not say you're innocent in any way. Well, if that was a murderer, you know, caught with dead bodies in my basement. I would get up and say, I'm innocent to the jury. I could – I could say I'm not guilty. No, I am guilty. And I can't cross-examine anybody and I can't raise the First Amendment and I can't say the trial is rigged.

And so, but then we're ordered to have this trial or I'll be held in contempt. She did a million-dollar fine a month ago. Court of Appeals turned it around in one day and said, Pay it. I paid a million dollars and I'm out of money. They finally run me to the ground. I paid a million dollars on Monday that literally bought the company down to like three hundred thousand dollars in the bank.

But that's okay. Listeners are coming in and supporting us. But this is a real war because you nailed it. You stole my thunder because you – I understand why you want to show people, this is veritas. We're simpatico because the truth is the truth.

They hate Steve Bannon. They hate Tucker Carlson. They hate Donald Trump. They hate me because we are populists. We are. We love the people. The people get that. They can see it, they can feel it, and they've seen what we've gone through. And they don't want them to have a spirit so they think if they can break us and destroy us, that's their symbol to the American people.

Trump always says, look, they got to get through me to get to you. And it's totally true. We have decided to stand up because we love America and we can't stand seeing this. And we're not heroes. We just can't roll over. It's like being raped.

And so they see us standing up and think if they can break us and smash us, they can do it. And this is not my rights that are being robbed. It's all of our rights. I mean, when Steve Bannon cannot cross-examine people at his own trial in a rigged DC situation, we are all having our rights stolen. And when I can't say I'm innocent and can't say I'm bankrupt and can't say there's three trials coming up – literally, she says, we can say almost nothing, but we have to be there.

And so that's where this is. And again, I'm just blessed that it's not criminal like it is for you or what Julian Assange. So anytime I feel sorry for myself. I go, well, there's Julian Assange and there's Roger Stone, and there's people like Steve Bannon that have been really persecuted.

But I understand that's their next phase is they're also all implying everything's criminal I'm doing everything and I need – and I know they got grand juries open and we've had grand jury subpoenas and some of it I've not talked about on air, but it's just a nightmare. And I'm not a victim. I asked for this. I got in the arena. But I want America to know we're fighting for you. We're fighting for our own families. We're in this together. And this is a war. So people have to understand they can't just expect because Steve Bannon's stoic or Alex Jones is a brawler, that we're going to still be there because we're never going to give up. We're never going to give in, but we could give out.