Alex Jones Worked With Drudge Contributor To “Crash” Bush Party, Praised Drudge For Mainstreaming Ammo Conspiracy

The ties between conspiracy theorist Alex Jones and right-wing megaphone Matt Drudge remain strong, with Jones revealing that he spent time yesterday with one of Drudge's employees and crediting Drudge with pushing one of his conspiracy theories “into the mainstream media.”

Matt Drudge, who has described 2013 as the “year of Alex Jones,” promoted Jones' website, Infowars, 244 times over the last two years and 50 times since the year began on The Drudge Report. Conservatives have urged Drudge to stop linking to Jones after the latter suggested the Boston Marathon bombings were a “false flag” attack perpetrated by the federal government.

On his radio show today, Jones said he was “hanging out” with The Drudge Report's Joseph Curl at a hotel in Houston, Texas where the pair tried “to crash the private Bush-Cheney party” being held in concert with the dedication ceremony for President George W. Bush's presidential library.

On his Twitter account, Jones posted a picture of Curl along with the caption, “Ran in to Joseph Curl of @drudge in Dallas."

Curl appeared on Jones' radio show in October of 2012 to discuss the presidential election and the “theatrics of U.S. politics. Curl was reportedly hired by Drudge in November of 2010. 

Jones also gave credit to Drudge for promoting his conspiracy theory alleging -- based on false premises -- that the Department of Homeland Security is stockpiling ammunition to be used against American citizens.

“We broke that story,” said Jones during an interview with former representative Ron Paul. “And Drudge Report forced it into the mainstream media.”

On April 25, Congressional Republicans held a hearing based on Jones' work and have introduced legislation in reaction to the story.