Alex Jones: Women's March participants look like they “escaped out of a mental institution”

From the January 22 edition of Genesis Communication Network's The Alex Jones Show:

ALEX JONES (HOST): Notice what a bunch of dirty pigs these people are. If you go to a conservative rally, it looks like the military policed the area with a fine-toothed comb. “Hey, pick that up.” Just sayin'. But these pigs, you notice it's Antifa signs. That's the Antifa site. It has the full-page ads in The New York Times. They're just littering everywhere, trash everywhere. And just look at these people. They look like people escaped out of a mental institution. Let's go back to them. 



MILLIE WEAVER (INFOWARS CORRESPONDENT): But notice also that soy lattes have been linked with having estrogen mimickers, and high amounts of it. The theme here is that we see all of these empty soy latte cups here when he had this ultra feminine, feminist, anti-masculine, anti-patriarchy march here. It's no wonder that you saw women dancing around in vagina costumes rubbing up against each other. That you saw extremely effeminate men walking around here at the march when they're all consuming mass amounts of soy lattes. And who's going to pick up all this trash? Right? Who's going to pick it up? These entitled feminists and liberals want the world to be theirs. They said, “feminism is the future. Female is the future.” Well, I hope the future doesn't look like garbage filled all over the streets and soy latte cups everywhere. 


JONES: What? Like Haiti? A crap hole? Where you got a bunch of poor people that just -- if there's two cows, go ahead and just kill them and have meat tonight. Don't let them breed. Don't have 50 cows and then have meat all the time. And just cut down all the trees. The Dominican Republic is right next door. Gorgeous, beautiful, incredible. And then right over the border, Haiti is deforested and a hell hole, and its population is even lower. Because everybody stabs everybody in the back. I mean, their national religion is devil worship.


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