Alex Jones warns of a “brown KKK,” says that he ran into Hispanic protesters who were "dressed like MS13, all thugged out”

From the September 6 edition of Genesis Communication Networks’ The Alex Jones Show:

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ALEX JONES (HOST): And I had Hispanic ladies come up to me and white ladies, and white dudes and go, “Eff you, Nazi” in D.C., outside the hearings. It's on video, we’ve got to find those and play those. Those were epic videos.   

JONES: I mean, it was like KKK stuff on steroids. And I'm sitting there, and they're just spewing all this racism at me -- and I didn't dislike them because they were Hispanic, because I have great Hispanic fans come and -- wonderful people, I was hugging all over them. But like ten groups of Hispanic folks come up and love on me. But there were these ladies that were coming dressed like MS-13, all thugged out and they were just saying, you know, “Get out of here pilgrim, you’re trash, we hate you, you’re subhuman.” And it’s all the same stuff the New York Times writer was saying. That’s what they’ve done, that’s what the globalists have created. So that’s what this is targeting, to create these people. The brown KKK. To go out and push this narrative. To put up giant billboards of this guy like an icon because he says America sucks and he says there’s all this division. Because they’re trying to counteract that [President Donald] Trump is trying to bring the country together.   


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