Alex Jones: Trump Was “Totally Synced” With Conspiracy Movement In Convention Speech, “Epic Time To Be Alive”

From the July 22 edition of Genesis Communications Network's The Alex Jones Show:

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ALEX JONES: You heard it last night, and you know folks, they’re scared, you know who Donald Trump’s listening to. Donald Trump already knew all this, before he ever tuned in to Alex Jones. I’m telling you, my spirit, your spirit, our spirit together, all of us combining forces has scared them absolutely down to the very roots of their evil wicked hearts.

This is an epic time to be alive. And it’s gonna get rough. But what matters is we all do the right thing in our hearts and our souls.

He said it last night, and you knew it sent absolute lightning bolts of fear into their guts in the New World Order.

He said, “Our maxim will be nationalism not globalism,” and I want to take that line and when he said that I want to have that on intros, everywhere. We are nationalists, we are Americans, we are Americans not globalists. And that absolutely terrifies them.


This is such an epic time to be alive. It is the animating contest of liberty. When we’re pacifists, when we lay down, we go along with the globalists, when we don’t speak up we become their slave.

But when we resist them we become stronger in the animating contest of liberty. I want to salute every man, woman and child, every race, every color, of every creed. And I want you to understand something --


JONES: God bless you sir. I want to tell you something right now, you are the future. God loves you, you were made by God, and we are all brothers and sisters in that. And we are about to see the true battle in the next decade against the New World Order and you know who’s behind the New World Order.

And Donald Trump has chosen the right side in this fight. Donald Trump has decided to go with God, and to go with common sense, 

and to go with honor and to go with Americana. The globalists are a bunch of arrogant, sycophantic scum who think they know everything.

I watched the mainstream media hissing, during his speech when I was down on the floor, and then right as I thought look how cynical and nasty and arrogant they are, hissing, because I was all in the media, Donald Trump said, “look at the arrogance of the media, and the establishment.” I mean it was just was like totally synced. I mean I know it was already a pre-written script, it was just unbelievable, it was an amazing time.


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