Alex Jones On Trump Inauguration Speech: “The Message We Heard In This Speech Has Been My Message For Over A Decade”

From the January 20 Infowars coverage of Inauguration Day:

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ALEX JONES (HOST): Let me just take a deep breath here and break down what just happened today. Undoubtedly, this was providence, this was American destiny being invoked, this was Trump declaring the birthright of this republic that George Washington talked about and that providence started back in 1776. He invoked it, it was so historical, and I knew they were going to invoke it, it just came into my mind and I knew -- even though he hasn’t given the speech -- and I haven’t talked to Trump about this, I knew what was about to happen and I said I’ve got to tweet that they’re going to re-invoke the birthright. I could feel it, just actually what this is.

And the media was asking me -- even the New York Times had seen the tweet and said, “did you talk to Trump? How did you know what was in the speech? Nobody else did.” And I said, no, this is Americana, you understand, we’re reading the same book, it’s the same spirit. So I will tell them when I talk  about it with Trump: The spirit of America, can you feel it rising? Trump feels it, he knows it, he loves it. He wants to serve the people and empower the people and have America be incredibly wealthy again and empower the globe. Back when we had 50 percent of the world’s wealth, just thirty years ago we were sending more money to other countries than we are now and more industry. Now all we send is [unintelligible] corporate [unintelligible] and monopoly men that do not want us to be prosperous.

So, the message we heard in this speech has been my message for over a decade. I mean, longer than that, but this is Americanism versus globalism. So, Trump isn’t reading from my sheet of music, it’s the sheet of music that’s reality. And that’s why it’s so similar to what I say on the show to what you hear Trump say later. Okay, and yes, Trump does obviously does listen to the show. He told me.


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