Alex Jones: Trump “Came To Me” For 2015 Interview; “He Calls Like Three Times In A Row. … He Needs Me”

From Jones' February 22 Reddit Ask Me Anything: 

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BUCKLEY HAMMAN (Infowars staffer): [relaying Reddit AMA question] How did you score the interviews with Drudge and Trump?  

ALEX JONES: They both came to me.

HAMMAN: Yeah, that’s true.

JONES: Well, it’s not about who I am. It’s not that. Anybody that’s tuned in knows this is a zeitgeist. And I don’t say that on some power trip -- it’s actually, we have squandered this, Buckley. We have not done what we’re supposed to. I feel like I’m a failure. They came to us. And it’s like, they have this article -- as I said in one speech, “I’m sorry I missed Trump’s call.” I know the numbers. I know when he calls. He calls like three times in a row. I was on air. He gets confused. He called me and I missed the calls and I just feel guilty because who knows what it was about. And I know Trump doesn’t -- I’ll tell the enemy this because Trump knows it’s true. They need to know this. Trump just wants to connect with a spirit that is good. He needs that energy. He’s the opposite of a vampire. He needed to go to that rally. This isn’t talk, folks. This is what it is. He needs to talk to people. He needs me. He needs his wife. He needs that. And that’s why the enemy is coming against that.


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