Alex Jones: The timing of upcoming disaster movie Geostorm is “suspicious” given Hurricane Irma

From the September 6 edition of Genesis Communications Network’s The Alex Jones Show:

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ALEX JONES (HOST): I’m not saying [Hurricane] Irma is geoengineered, but there is geoengineering going on secretly in the United States; they admit the program is happening, they just have the details secret. They admit there is weather modification going on in China, Dubai, Russia, the E.U. Everybody does it. There’s thousands of private companies doing it on a micro level. But there’s a lot of advanced technology that we don’t know about. In 1967 the Stanford Research Institute certified -- this was declassified in 2006, I interviewed the scientist involved when it first got declassified, Ben Livingston, meteorologist, who was the father of it, he was 90 years old then -- and the left is saying, “Oh, climate change is here. It’s time to talk about geoengineering.” They’re the ones already doing it. They’re claiming we’re geoengineering, as individuals, so we’re guilty. Let them have control of the atmosphere and they’ll save us. See how they take over?

So, regardless, geoengineering is going on. They’re trying to blame us, saying it’s happening, individuals, but then claiming the elite are doing nothing. Meanwhile, though, right on time with these superstorms, we have the new film Geoengineering (sic) 2017, coming soon on October 20. Oh, just a little bit more than a month or so after Irma is set to hit. Isn’t that just perfect timing? Like all these race war films they’ve been putting out. This is starting to get suspicious. Here it is, Geostorm.


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