Alex Jones Takes “Credit” For Introducing The Phrase “Enemy Media" To Trump

Jones: Stephen Bannon “Has Listened Over The Years” ​

From the February 24 edition of Genesis Communications Network's The Alex Jones Show

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ALEX JONES: Quite frankly, I have -- I thought back, in one of my conversations with Trump, I said, “They are your enemy, and they will never stop until you’re destroyed. And they will never, never back off, and they will never make deals, and Hillary’s going to double back on her deal and she is not going to ever stop trying to set you up. They’ve got fifth columns inside, they’re going to block your agenda, 100 percent, sir.” He says, “Very interesting, Alex. Hold on one moment.” Comes back and goes, “Yeah, yeah, we think that’s real interesting. Tell me more about that.”

Sure I’ll tell the media what we talked about. We talked about how you are the enemy. So if I take credit for one thing, it’s introducing the term “enemy media,” because you are the enemy and we had a show two years ago, several, in fact we found the clip, I tweeted it out last week, where the listeners we all had two hours of phone calls on what is the name of the media. The scum media, the whore media, the sellout media, the fakestream media, the sewerstream media, the dinosaur media, one of my terms. Presstitutes, Gerald Celente term. And I said, “You know what? They’re the enemy!” We gotta find all those clips and put them together with Trump. Yes, yes, but it isn’t because Trump was under my mind control and is some easily influenced person. He didn’t even comment when I kept saying, “They’re the enemy, they’re the enemy.” He goes, “Yes, very interesting. Yes.” [laughter] And it’s not -- it’s that he’s so good, that he’s so dialed in, and that now it’s being said by the president of the United States annihilating scum that’s on CNN saying full-grown men should be with little girls in showers, I’m going to play that clip in a minute. I mean of course it’s the damn enemy. 


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