Alex Jones says Trump should have the military storm Google’s facilities because it's a criminal organization

From the September 14 edition of Genesis Communications Network’s The Alex Jones Show:

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ALEX JONES (HOST): Once you get communism there’s no more welfare, there’s no more nothing. You get to live in a hovel and you get to have no running water and you get to have secret police knock your teeth out if you don’t show up for the mandatory work brigades and then you work about 65 hours a week on average and you have no healthcare. But, oh, there’s all these universities spitting out doctors and things. But, but -- if your eyes go bad, here’s a cane, knee goes bad, here’s a cane. Get cancer? Shoot yourself in the head. It’s OK, though. Because you know I’m lying, I’m fake news, socialism and communism works so good.

Now when we return -- when we return we will get into some incredible news. You heard about what happened at Google, every day something new is about to break, like I told you, and then there will be executive action. I think the military should storm all those facilities, they’re criminal organizations.


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