Alex Jones says that the timing of the Uvalde school shooting is “opportunistic”

Jones also spread the false conspiracy theory that the shooter was trans.

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Citation From a May 24, 2022, special edition of Infowars' The Alex Jones Show

OWEN SHROYER (INFOWARS HOST): Yeah, well, that's the thing is, they've already lost. I mean, their only option now is full totalitarian control. The only option is a dictatorship. So, I mean, maybe they'll go for it. Maybe they'll just put something on Biden's desk and he'll just say guns are illegal. Or, I mean, they may go for – I mean, they're going for everything right now, Alex

ALEX JONES (HOST): Well, that's really it – is that they've lost so they want to start a war. They want to collapse the dollar, they want to kill the border. They could start a gun confiscation to try to start a civil war. And I really hope that doesn't happen.


JONES: Owen, look, I don't want to say this was staged and provocateured. But we have specifically said with two years of hardly any mass shootings, that with all the pre-programing that mass shootings are coming and terrorists are going to attack and we've got to take the guns. And then I'm like, well, I would predict a lot of mass shootings right before the election. And then, like clockwork, it's happening. You know to me it's just very opportunistic what's happening.

SHROYER: But that's the thing, Alex. There have been mass shootings, guys, plug into a Google search right now, 198 mass shootings.

JONES: No you're right. But it wasn't at schools and it wasn't Black folks.

SHROYER: And it's just when they decide to cover it, I mean, that's all it is. When do they decide to cover it?

JONES: I guess you're right, Owen. There have actually been the regular couple hundred a year.

SHROYER: And it's all in Democrat inner cities, so they don't want to cover it. But this one happened, like you said, tragically at a school.


JONES: And when this happened today, when I got off air and started covering it, I said, I bet it's an incel. I bet it's a dude in a dress. And like when Dave Chappelle said, I just got attacked by a [slur], and it was, and I'm not trying to be mean to the, some people are like that. But man, statistically, these people are – have a higher percentage of whacked-out folks.