Alex Jones says Nunes memo reveals how Trump “played dumb” to set top FBI officials up to perjure themselves

Jones: “Now we can tell you what we did to you scum, we set you up the whole time”

From the February 2 edition of Genesis Communications Network’s The Alex Jones Show:

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ALEX JONES (HOST): The president’s telling you he quarterbacked this from January 20th. First thing he did was go in there and find out, “OK, who did the unmasking?” “The former president, sir, here’s the order,here’s the FISA document.” Heads up displays. He was given three hour briefings, I’m told. I know some of the folks that were in the room and outside the room getting the further reports. Then he marched over to the CIA, then the NSA. He pulled it all up, looked at it all, saw how they tracked him, followed him, listened to everything, tried to put people on him, tried to set him up with Russians. And then he sat back while they lied and let them set themselves up, perjuring themselves to Congress when he knew everything they were doing.

He even let [former deputy FBI director Andrew] McCabe and [former FBI director James] Comey come in and perjure themselves to Congress, lie to him face to face. He played dumb the whole time. And now we can tell you what we did to you scum, we set you up the whole time. I hope you enjoy yourselves. Part of the story that Mueller was secretly on the president’s side -- the only truth to that was -- is that the president was setting them up the whole time. Ha ha ha ha. Fools. Your arrogance is what will destroy you. Excuse me.


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