Alex Jones says the judge and plaintiffs' lawyers in the Sandy Hook trial “all act demonically possessed” and are “committed to occult ideology of the new world order”

Jones: “They're all caricatures of what you would imagine in some alternate universe of dwarf goblins. It's demonic.”

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Citation From the August 2, 2022 edition of Infowars' The Alex Jones Show

ALEX JONES (INFOWARS HOST): I have a stack of Washington Post, New York Times articles, and other headlines where they say can we shut Alex Jones down? And where they admit the goal of the four Sandy Hook trials they have lined up that have now started to shut us down, then they brag on CNN and MSNBC with top Democrat officials that the goal is to set this pattern with Alex Jones and then go after everybody else.

They say Fox News is next. I have articles where they talk about we're taking down OAN, soon we'll get Fox News. They're going to come for everybody. These are authoritarians.

That's why they had to default me in all four cases, saying I turned over nothing, while they sit there and show the juries, they're deciding how guilty I am, not if I'm guilty or innocent, showing the juries all these emails and all these videos that we turned over to them while the judge tells them every day twice a day remember this man's guilty. You're here to decide how guilty he is. He didn't give us anything! He's a bad person!

Even in third-world dictatorships when they have kangaroo courts, they don't have the judge tell the jury this person is guilty, but she says up there it's a special case.

And they're all caricatures of what you would imagine in some alternate universe of dwarf goblins. It's demonic. They all act demonically possessed. The judge, the lawyers. It's surreal to be around them.

And it makes you feel sorry for them because these people are committed to occult ideology of the new world order.

And they're never gonna stop. They're getting rid of all the checks and balances, all our basic freedoms, they've gutted the border, they're promoting pedophilia everywhere, they are just annihilating the social contract. They are destroying our country by design. They have been turned loose. When I talk about they, I mean the general crazed mob of the left.