Alex Jones says globalists are planning to carry out a “false flag” against David Hogg to make him a martyr

From the April 3 edition of Genesis Communications Network’s The Alex Jones Show:

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ALEX JONES (HOST): It's just crazy we've gotten to this point, but this is the globalists and their model. The same thing is being done in Europe. So Matt Bracken believes, and I agree with him, he's got a detailed report right here in front of me, that they're planning something really, really big with a false flag involving David Hogg, who we pray for, we don't want anything to happen to him -- just like Obama -- that [would] turn him into a martyr. And I totally agree with his analysis, he has predicted the other globalist events and other triggered events. So Matt Bracken in this segment and the next and the next, you've got the floor, I'll bring you in and out of breaks, but you've got the floor. Break this down, this emergency alert, maximum danger, as you say in your report to me that you wanted to cover, and I totally agree, and that we are now -- you don't like to be hysterical, you're not, but you're saying this is either a false flag or a guided flag. Explain what that means.

A short while later, Jones again raised the specter of globalists plotting an attack on Hogg, while accusing Hogg of being in favor of depopulation of the earth:

JONES: So I'm going to hand over the rest of this segment and the next to Matt Bracken, who is getting into the climate, the preparations, everything, the way they're building up Hogg like he's God. The way you can't criticize Hogg. And I agree, I've said that before, Bracken wanted to bring this up, I've said, “Man if the globalists set him up as a martyr, and then all the things he's pushed.” And then we've got Hogg out there -- no one's challenged it -- on his own Reddit saying that he wants to come back as a -- well that's Prince Charles and Prince Philip want to come back as a virus to kill you -- he says he wants viruses basically in mosquitoes to reduce population, billions of people. It's just a crazy globalist religion.


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