Alex Jones says Elon Musk “more and more is joining our team”

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Citation From the May 16, 2023, edition of Real America's Voice's War Room

STEVE BANNON (HOST): They’ve done everything to destroy you, to shut you down, and to call you a conspiracy theorist. It seems to me an awful lot of data points are coming up every day that reinforce and support your theory of the case. What say you, sir?

ALEX JONES (CO-HOST): Well that’s, it’s a good point you raise the life expectancy technology. Remember Elon Musk, who more and more is joining our team because he sees the globalist future is so dystopian. He said, “Beware of those that worship AI Gods.” And when you listen to Yuval Noah Harari, and you listen to Ray Kurzweil, and you listen to Klaus Schwab and you listen to all these people, they have these closed life extension meetings in big cities around the world a couple times a year. And everybody from, and they’re not bad people that go, most of them go because they want to live forever, and then people like William Shatner go and Joe Rogan goes and they all go and they kind of sell this transhumanist idea of, “We’re going to push the super technology, we’re going to have the singularity, we’re going to have the AI, we’re going to have this arms race and not worry about it because those of us that are wealthy will basically live forever.