Alex Jones Responds To Clinton Video Tying Him To Trump: "There Were Bombs” In The World Trade Center On 9/11

Jones: “Trump Knows About 9/11”

From the October 17 edition of Genesis Communications Networks’ The Alex Jones Show:

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ALEX JONES (HOST): They misrepresent 9/11 truth, they say, and I'm the founder of it, question it before 9/11, question it on the day of 9/11, I said it’s being used to take your freedoms by criminals in the government working with radical Islam, Saudi Arabia to launch attacks on non-Wahhabi countries like Iraq and take it over.

They carry out 9/11, our media and our government blames the wrong country, we go in and take over Iraq, their archenemy. Now, they turned that into the talking point from Popular Mechanics that I believe firefighters blew up the World Trade Center. They actually say that. Never said it. It was the firefighters that came out and exposed that there were bombs in the buildings. Now do we know exactly who did all this? No. All I’m telling you is, the official story you’re getting isn’t true. And by the way there isn’t a Special Forces soldier, there isn’t a demolitions person, there isn’t a architect or engineer I talk to that doesn’t concur with that.

And I’ve interviewed the police, two different police officers on-air, including a deputy fire chief -- that’s another person -- Lee Ann McAdoo did, it’s got like 5 million views on YouTube, when they told them there’s a countdown we’re going to blow up Building 7. We heard the countdown. And it was coming from the Red Cross. Do you know who the Red Cross is, folks? You know who can go behind enemy lines even 500 years ago out of Switzerland? The Red Cross. And I’m not bashing you if you were in the Red Cross, it has a lot of good things it does, but it is the main global intelligence agency front. So, you want to put this in your ad,Hillary? The Red Cross ran the countdown to blow up Building 7. No one would suspect the Red Cross, would they? So when I say Red Cross, I mean intelligence operatives there with the countdown. And then I have the news saying, “Building 7 has fallen. Building 7 has fallen.”

An hour before it fell, CNN and Aaron Brown is turning around and it hadn’t fallen: “Fell on its own footprint, symmetrically from fires.” And then 25 minutes later, BBC World, BBC announced, “Building 7, the Salomon Brothers building, has fallen,” and Jane Graham turns around and it hasn’t fallen and later they admitted they were given that feed from Reuters that it had fallen. They had jumped the gun. That was the CIA base. Do you know the CIA’s main east coast base outside of Arlington, Virginia, do you know where it’s based? Building 7. They had at least 10 floors of it. Look it up, look it up.


I don’t know what happened, but I know the official story’s a lie. Now they’re going to misrepresent and say: “Oh my God, Trump supports this 9/11 Truther.” Trump is ready for that. Trump knows about 9/11. He brought up Jeb Bush, he brought up they were running security in the World Trade Center, he brought up the Saudi connection, he brought up the Carlyle Group meeting with Bush Sr. in D.C. the morning of 9/11, at the same table with them at the Carlyle weapons quarterly meeting, and that’s when you notice Jeb dropped out real fast. So you want to throw Trump in the briar patch, go ahead that’s exactly where he wants to go. You people are walking into our trap again, thank you, great job.


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