Alex Jones Responds To Clinton Speech By Doubling Down On Conspiracy Theories: “We’re Covering Real Things”

Jones Calls Oklahoma City Bombing A “False Flag,” Says There Was A “Cover-Up” Of Sandy Hook School Shooting.

From the August 25 edition of Genesis Communications Network’s The Alex Jones Show:

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ALEX JONES (HOST): Now let’s talk about Oklahoma City. Let’s talk about Oklahoma City. Oklahoma City was a total false flag with NATO, the ATF, and the CIA and the FBI. And we know the names of the men from the witnesses in the building, from the police officers, and from the declassified information that came out. The bombs in the building.


And then they say that I say Sandy Hook massacre -- that none of it happened. There have been top school safety experts that have come out and said that it’s a cover-up. There have been major anomalies like Anderson Cooper using blue screen when he’s not really at Sandy Hook and we’ve seen CNN claiming that they were in Riyadh under Scud attack when they weren’t. Remember that’s famous. I just said it should be investigated, clearly the whole story doesn’t add up. Some people say its all child actors. Some people say all this. That’s not what I’m saying. There was a drill that day, a lot of weird stuff went on.


We’re covering real things and she wants to illustrate this and act like none of it’s happening.


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