Alex Jones pushes Putin's narrative distancing Russia from hacks

Jones: “You could go hijack somebody’s computer in Russia … then attack the U.S. with it and say, 'Oh look, Russia attacked us.'”

From the July 16 edition of Genesis Communication Networks’ The Alex Jones Show:

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ALEX JONES (HOST): As [Vladimir] Putin pointed out just minutes ago -- we’re gonna play the clip -- you’re accusing 12 Russian intelligence operatives of being behind bots. These are private companies that anybody can hire, to do PR. And Russia is not even in the top ten of being hired for PR. The U.S. is number one, China is number two, and the different EU companies are number three. The UK is very dominant in it for the size of it’s population of 80 million people. In fact, per capita the UK probably does more PR than anybody. And you can hire them for anything. And 80 percent, roughly, of all bots were for [former-Secretary of State] Hillary [Clinton]. And they came from New Zealand, they came from Russia, they came -- you could go hijack somebody’s computer in Russia, zombie computer, happens to millions of computers a day, and then attack the U.S. with it and they can say, “Oh look, Russia attacked us.” And that’s in the [Wikileaks'] “Vault 7” documents that came out last year where the CIA would go place stuff on Russian computers to attack the U.S.. That’s the oldest trick in the book.


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