Alex Jones pushes conspiracy theory that David Hogg wasn’t at Stoneman Douglas when the school shooting happened

Jones also claimed Hogg wants “billions of people to die” and is involved in conspiracy to depopulate the earth

From the April 2 edition of Genesis Communications Network’s The Alex Jones Show:

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ALEX JONES (HOST): Now let’s go to the closet one, and there’s even more. I spent hours and hours. And I’m going to be honest with you, I got tears in my eyes. Because I started looking into Hogg even more after I saw [Infowars’ Paul Joseph Watson’s] article where he wants billions of people to die. And you have to understand something, my head exploded with understanding and chills like I’m getting right now because you understand George Soros is one of those 10 people that met at the Rockefeller Foundation meetings that ABC News, London Guardian (sic) reported, headline: Billionaires meet to discuss overpopulation. And they said at the end of the article we need a world government -- this is like seven years ago -- we need a world government to reduce population and it was George Soros, David Rockefeller, Ted Turner, Bill and Melinda Gates, George Soros. There it is. Wall Street Journal, “Billionaires try to shrink world population” -- 2009. So I guess, wow, that’s already eight, nine years ago, wow. And you can go read it. Secret meeting that got leaked. And then Hogg is funded by George Soros, a literal Nazi collaborator, the Women’s March is the main funder, he’s the main funder of that. And then Hogg wants depopulation. What do you think’s really going on here now, folks?


JONES: Listen, he says he’s -- you have to get the timeline because he’s saying on these videos the timeline, this is when it’s beginning in the closet. But when it’s beginning, he’s at his house and rides three miles on his bike. And then his story after that is, “No, I was always there when it began. In my class.”


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