Alex Jones promotes hoax claiming police said Las Vegas gunman was a “leftist” who was “angry about Trump” 

From the October 2 edition of Genesis Communications Network's Real News with David Knight:

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ALEX JONES: About 20 minutes ago, ISIS took responsibility for the attacks, and the police have confirmed that he had -- the reported shooter had recently personally threatened them and posted videos threatening them, saying that he had joined ISIS, joined Al Qaeda, and that he was basically a leftist, just like [alleged NSA leaker] Reality Winner, and just like so many others that had converted to Islam, that was so angry about Trump and everything that was happening that he went out and carried out this attack. Now, again, clearly it looks like he had help, but we saw the October 1st event of the 100 years of the Bolshevik Revolution coming up, and I had been predicting starting October 1st that we'd see terror attacks.


Wash. Post: “Investigators haven’t found anything yet to indicate the gunman supported or was linked to international terror groups.


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