Alex Jones promotes conspiracy theory Alexei Navanly was murdered by “Western intelligence agencies”

Jones: “Why would Putin kill somebody who's unpopular, who's in prison, and then give the Western establishment a big win?”

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Citation From the February 16, 2024, edition of Infowars' The Alex Jones Show

ALEX JONES (HOST):  Alexei Navalny, a Russian political prisoner, one of the main opposition groups against Putin although he never got more than two percent, collapsed and reportedly died while working at a Siberian work camp in a rural area. Now do Russian government officials have people killed? Yeah. Do bears go to the bathroom in the woods, do fish swim in the sea do birds fly in the air?

This certainly could've been Putin having him killed.

But there he is serving a multi-decade prison sentence and then magically right after the big Tucker Carlson interview and Russia decisively winning the Ukraine war, this happens. Where is the motive for Putin to have him killed? I'm purely speculating here but how do we know that there wasn't a bounty on his head by Western intelligence agencies and Russia is just as infiltrated as America, and that somebody killed him so that it could be blamed on Putin.

Because they're certainly trying to use that now. Biden had previously said nothing had better happen to Navalny. So I think it's too early to tell here but I will just say this: we saw Jeffrey Epstein's neck broken in three places according to the coroner, the coroner said it looked like homicide to him, that got swept under the rug. We saw the then-Attorney General Barr come out and try to cover it all up, they turned the cameras off in the prison. It just goes on and on and on.

So for the West to point their finger and go look they're the worst people on Earth while this type of political murder is going on here. And look at what happened at the capitol on January 6th look how they gunned a woman down in cold blood claiming shots had been fired and killed four other citizens that day and then lied and said police had been killed that day. So my job is not being an apologist for Putin or for Russia. I'm just saying the timing of this is very, very suspicious. Also, he could have had a heart attack and really died for real. I tend to not think that's the case, it was foul play but we really don't know any of that.


Why would Putin kill somebody who's unpopular, who's in prison, and then give the Western establishment a big win? This is while Zelensky can't get his war funding through Congress, this is while he's having to reshuffle generals and leaders and is on the verge of being thrown out himself.

Again, 95 percent of what I cover on air is researched information and facts. Five percent is speculation, I'm saying this is speculation and so I don't know what happened there but it's definitely food for thought to bring up these angles and issues that I don't see Putin's immediate motive while this guy was in a Siberian work camp to have him killed when obviously this would give Putin a black eye any way you slice it.